Eyelash Extension Services
Eyelash Extension Services

Eyelash Extension Services

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Eyelash Extensions Tips & Information

Eyelash extension tips

  • Always start your appointment with Squeaky clean eyelashes
  • Only use products that are oil free on and around your eyes
  • Avoid waterproof and hard to remove make-up products
  • No picking or pulling at your eyelashes
  • Thouroughly wash your lash line daily
  • No mascara or Curling lashes
  •   Minkys Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent and with monthly touch ups can last indefinitely.
  •   Minkys Faux Mink extensions are soft, flexible and truly wearable.
  •   Minkys Extensions are waterproof so you can shower, swim, spa and live your life with lush lashes.
  •   With Minkys Extensions there is no need for mascara.
  •   The application process can be very relaxing.

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY – Let our trained professionals extend the look of your beautiful eyes.

Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent eyelash extensions that can last up to 4-6 weeks depending on the life cycle of your own natural eyelashes.

NATURAL LOOK – Your lashes will be noticed and admired but never called unnatural.

If you look up close you can see that these individually applied synthetic eyelash extensions actually appear to have a root.

NATURAL FEEL – Each lash extension is assigned to a natural lash. No heavy lumps or clumps. You won’t even know they are on. When professionally and properly applied, you cannot feel any difference after having your eyelashes enhanced.

NATURAL WEAR – Shower or swim worry free. When properly applied, Minky’s Eyelash Extensions can last up to two months, depending on your own natural eyelash growth cycle. You will need to refrain from getting your eyelash extensions wet for the first 24 hours after your application to allow your new eyelashes to “set” completely.

Can eyelash extensions damage my eyelashes?

When applied correctly, one extension of proper length and volume to one single isolated natural eyelash, they will not cause damage.

Can I wash my eyes?

It is recommended that you wash your eyes daily with an oil free cleanser to keep your lashline healthy and clean.

Can anyone apply eyelash extensions?

Training for eyelash extensions is a fine art. It takes extreme practice, practice, practice, and dedication to perfect and become a master eyelash stylist.

Can I have lash extensions as long and thick as I want?

The length and thickness of eyelash extensions should be purely based on what the natural eyelash can healthily support.

Do Eyelash Extensions Hurt?

When applied correctly you should barely even feel lash extensions.

How long do lash extensions last?

Your lashes shed naturally on a daily basis. After 3 to 5 weeks lashes need to be touched up.