Eyelash Training/Certification Workshop
Eyelash Certification Workshop

Eyelash Certification Workshop

Minkys Eye Lash Extensions

Eye Lash Training Workshops

Minkys Hands-on Workshops

Minkys is a national eyelash extension training and manufacturing company.  Our hands-on Workshops are in over 52 cities and 23 states, as well as in Mexico and Canada.  Minkys has a proven training curriculum and our workshops are small, student focused with no more than four students to one Minkys trainer.  Minkys products are exceptional and are loved and preferred by extensionists and clients everywhere.

Become a Highly Successful Eyelash Extension Professional

Our goal is to prepare you to become a highly successful eyelash extension Professional.  Our Trainers will assist you through the whole training process and guide you into this very profitable eyelash extension business.  We ask beauty professionals to fully support responsible eyelash extension brands that require hands on training in order to preserve the exciting and revolutionary eyelash extension industry.


Licensing requirements for the application of eyelash extensions varies from state to state. Many US states require an esthetician license. Anyone is welcome to attend our hands-on Workshop but Minkys will not certify students who do not meet their state licensing requirements. Knowledge of licensing regulations is the students responsibility.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

Should you need to reschedule, We will make every effort to accommodate you. We ask that you inform us as soon as possible. However, there is a non-refundable charge of $350 should you cancel your course less than seven (7) days prior to your scheduled training date.

Beauty Schools

We can provide an educational presentation at your school or at our Lash Lounge location free of charge. Students can use this opportunity for extra hours toward their curriculum.

Minkys Basic Workshop with Starter Kit
Minkys Basic Workshop with Starter Kit

Lash Continuing Education

Lash Out Eyelash Training Workshops

Working Hard to Get Certified?

Lashing is an Art – it comes with lots of PRACTICE! So take advantage of our extra practice sessions! Be the best you can be!

  • This is a great opportunity to get together for supervised practice with other lashers.
  • Find out what other lashers are having success with and things that are frustrating them.
  • Get your questions answered.
  • Prepare for your certification testing.
  • Keep updated on the latest lash news.
  • Have fun and excel at your artistry.

Get Certified!
Increase your clientele!
Be Awesome!

½ day and Full Day Refresher – Call for rates

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